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Training for Entrepreneurs

Imagine having a business plan to guide your decisions each day and keep you on track and on budget every day? If you are ready to build a structured business plan and put your business to work, this NEW ON-DEMAND MINI-COURSE is for you! We cover business basics all the way to the balance sheet. 

Build, confidence, capability, and competence to reach your goals on time and on budget. Our new business planning mini-course is available for purchase on August 28, 2021. 



Are you ready to launch, run, or
grow your business? 

This step-by-step online mini-course delivers :

Strategies to identify the right content for your plan

Steps to source the data you need to build the plan

Recommendations on how to put it all together 

Stay on track and on budget with a plan designed by you and specific to your goals.

Save time, money, and energy with a one-page business plan!


The content is delivered in bite-size pieces to go at your own pace. 

An introductory price is available at $397 for the first 100 registrants. The workshop fee includes the one-page business planning template. 


Launch and grow your business with a plan that works for you!