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How can you help entrepreneurs succeed in this new economy? Teach them to build the foundational skills for strategic business planning.

Our newest business planning course, "The Business Planning Playbook" breaks down the process of plan design to deliver the skills your audience needs to structure their business goals into a focused plan that works for them.

Choose either a 4-week training program or a one-day workshop to help your audience start building the skills to develop a comprehensive business plan:

  • custom to their needs
  • comprehensive to their business
  • affordable to their budgets

Our business courses, workshops, and webinars build the skills and structure your members are seeking to navigate and stand prepared for new opportunities and investment!



Are you ready to launch, run, or
grow your business? 


The Business Planning & Digital Marketing Playbook course is a virtually led 4-week business planning course that delivers the content as an educational training structured to teach critical thinking skills, and in-depth planning techniques. Participants develop a portion of the business plan each week and a digital marketing plan. Perfect for entrepreneurs at any stage of the business lifecycle.


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The One Day Strategic Business Plan workshop is a virtually led one-day workshop that provides a high-level overview of the tools and techniques to successfully design a business plan. Strategies are introduced to teach techniques to develop a business plan, build financial projections, and create a winning digital strategy to cross their finish line in 2022. All in one day! Perfect for today's busy entrepreneur.


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Business Planning & Digital Marketing Strategy for 2022  webinars deliver impactful training drilling down on the basics entrepreneurs need today to succeed tomorrow. These one-hour webinars focus on rebounding and rebuilding from COVID-19 to introduce realistic strategies your audience can put into practice now, regardless of where they are in the business lifecycle.


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