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Helping people define and achieve their business goals. We coach people to build strategies and implement tactics that align with their schedules, targets, and budget.

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80% of those who received coaching report positive impacts in areas such as work performance, communication skills, productivity, well-being, and business management strategies (ATD, 2017).

Our ability to understand how organizations work, the challenges that  managers face, and how to make people more effective, coupled with our ability to translate observations into actions, make us great partners. Our extensive coaching experience has led us to develop an arsenal of solutions to assist in making things better. We work with private clients, individual clients within companies and many executives within the same company.

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An excellent coach is the recurring difference-maker for people achieving significantly higher levels of success through strategic planning and optimizing their workflow process. As an entrepreneur, at any stage in the business lifecycle, it is most challenging to work on the business and inside the business. Our CEO, Deborah Magyar, MBA, has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and trained public forums nationally in multiple industries, economic climates, and stages of business. Teaching skills and providing tools entrepreneurs need are the pillars of her successful coaching programs. This experience helped refine and build her judgment and advisory skills. Coupled with robust assessment and diagnostic skills, Deborah’s direct, no-nonsense approach has made her and our other coaches sought-after.