Helping Women Design Easy & Actionable Strategic Business Plans 

Training for Your Members

How can you assist a small business in this new economy? Give them a business plan that works for them! Deliver the tools for your member's toolboxes that are custom to their needs, comprehensive to their business, and affordable to their budgets. This course deliverable is an SBA compliant business plan that your members should always have available to be prepared to take advantage of new opportunities and capital investment at any time!


Training for Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to launch, run, or grow your business? 

This step by step online learning opportunity is a must. The content is delivered in bite-sized pieces to go at your own place. Start where you are and work with what you have and create a strategic business plan to move your business forward! Save time money and energy with a business plan. Once you have one, you will be astonished by how and why anyone would navigate their business without one.


Train the Trainer

Ideal for coaches, entrepreneurial centers, and membership admins. 

If you are seeking training for designing business plans for your clients and advisory services afterward, this training program is a must-have. 

We provide step by step training to design strategic business plans with templates to start, run, and grow your coaching practice or business center.


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Work smarter, not harder. Step up and put your business to work for YOU!

I teach entrepreneurs business planning to launch their legends. What's the secret? Step by step guidance and resources to save you time, money, and energy by designing an actionable and realistic roadmap to achieve your goals!

Together, we will define and design growth strategies, using planning tools, to elevate your business to achieve them with ease.

As an entrepreneur and strategic advisor of 25 years, I have discovered that regardless of your business or lifestyle, most of us struggle with the same issues; too many tasks and too little time. Distractions cost us time, money, and energy.

However, when there are clarity and precise planning involved, things begin to change.  

With both my personal businesses and clients, I have learned to tap into the power of planning to assist busy people, like you, with taking your business and life to the next level.

Whether the next level is turning your idea into a business, expanding your business, or creating online courses to share your talents and legacy, my goal is to share my tips, tools, and strategies to shorten the learning curve and guide you to the results you know you are capable of achieving.


What Clients Are Saying...

"I am saving over 10 hours a week with my business plan! My clients wanted something totally different than I thought. Creating my business plan taught me how to figure out what they wanted and deliver a better product and increase my profit margin. I am clear on my marketing and know where I am going each day with my plan.

– Kaitlyn M.
Founder & Creative Photographer-PA

"I highly recommend the business planning course to see all the areas of your business you may not be paying attention to that are REALLY important! I applied the course to my career and my business to find a balance and discover the actions that were profitable and eliminate the time wasters.  The course provided excellent tools to plan and keep me on track. I am saving time and money with my plan.

– Jo M.
Real Estate Entrepreneur-FL

"Definitely recommend Debbie as a business, life and career coach. In our work together in coaching and building a business plan, we created an amazing plan to organize and plan all the concepts my new business offers and a plan for the sale of my business next year. We balanced my workflow processes to work with my current job and narrowed my scope of products to a targeted audience. I now have a business plan to reach my goals and fit with my life!"

– Housing Smarts LLC 
Social Media Marketing-OH

Ready to grow and not sure where to go?


If you are tired of spending countless hours & dollars on your business and never moving ahead, we are ready to show you how to change!

Step by Step Planning

It's easy, actionable, and affordable to plan.


The future is coming with or without a plan!


Save Time, Money & Energy

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