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The Business Design Studio

At Launch and Balance Consulting we are entrepreneurs teaching entrepreneurs skills and innovative techniques to transform their business vision into a strategic plan. Our goal is to make your journey easier,  by sharing the best practices we've found to save time, money, and energy when building a business. 

We facilitate courses and workshops for the audiences of business centers & nonprofit organizations. We also cater to entrepreneurs with live and on-demand workshops to teach skills to build business plans and digital marketing strategies.

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"100% HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! I am so grateful I worked with Debbie at Launch and Balance Consulting LLC. If you need business coaching you will not regret it. "

- Stacey T.
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Looking for a starting point to begin your business plan?

Let us help you streamline the business planning process with our new Mini Business Plan Template!

The Mini Business Plan Template helps you organize your business ideas and concepts. Finding a starting point in planning can be tough. We make it easy by guiding you through the process to evaluate the key performance areas that matter most in your business.

Work smarter, not harder, and put your business to work!

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Looking for a starting point to create a digital strategy? 

Finding a starting point that is manageable, affordable, and effectives is overwhelming!

Digital marketing doesn't have to difficult, it needs to be strategic. We help you finding the right balance, tools, and resources you'll need to navigate this new roadmap to cross your finish line to success.

We help evaluate the key performance areas in your business to uncover the gaps and provide the right solutions.

Take control of your online presence and put your business to work, 24/7 at each stage of business.

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Wondering how your business looks online? 

Get Your Digital Marketing Audit Report Today!

The Digital Marketing Audit Report helps you evaluate the key performance areas in your digital marketing stack to learn where your business ranks, the areas needing help, and solutions the right solutions.

Work smarter, not harder, and put your business to work!

How You Are Showing Up Online?

Now Available on Amazon!

Discover these 3 easy and actionable steps that can be put into play today to test drive your idea for a business. The goal of this book is to provide affordable and actionable techniques you can use to evaluate your business idea BEFORE you spend time, money, and energy on a business. Easily digestible content is delivered in bite-sized modules that may be applied before launching any new business idea, regardless of where you are in the business lifecycle.

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Meet The Founder

Hi, my name is Debbie Magyar. As an entrepreneur and business advisor who has served Non-Profit, SBDC and Women's Business Centers programs, and our clients,  I've have discovered that regardless of our business or lifestyle, most of us struggle with the same issues; too many tasks and too little time. Distractions cost us time, money, and energy.

Our proprietary training programs and digital marketing products are designed to deliver affordable, actionable, and realistic solutions to work smarter, not harder!

Whether the next level is turning your idea into a business, expanding your business, or creating a new business model, my goal is to share my tips, tools, and strategies to shorten the learning curve and guide you to the results you know you are capable of achieving for your business.

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What Clients are Saying...

Google Reviews

"In a short time, for a very reasonable fee, I was able to complete my business plan and executive summary. The course moved at a reasonable pace and covered all bases."

- Emily J. Women's Business Center Business Planning Course Attendee

"I am saving over 10 hours a week with my business plan! My clients wanted something totally different than I thought. Creating my business plan taught me how to figure out what they wanted and deliver a better product and increase my profit margin. I am clear on my marketing and know where I am going each day with my plan.

– Kaitlyn M.
Founder & Creative Photographer-PA

"I highly recommend the business planning course to see all the areas of your business you may not be paying attention to that are REALLY important! I applied the course to my career and my business to find a balance and discover the actions that were profitable and eliminate the time wasters.  The course provided excellent tools to plan and keep me on track. I am saving time and money with my plan.

– Jo M.
Real Estate Entrepreneur-FL

"Definitely recommend Debbie as a business, life, and career coach. In our work together in coaching and building a business plan, we created an amazing plan to organize and plan all the concepts my new business offers and a plan for the sale of my business next year. We balanced my workflow processes to work with my current job and narrowed my scope of products to a targeted audience. I now have a business plan to reach my goals and fit with my life!"

– JJ M.
Social Media Marketing-OH